Emilie Fitzgerald is a London based artist studying at City and Guilds of London Art School. Through visual illusions and contrasting mixed languages, Emilie’s work investigates the balance between subject-matter and surface-matter. Using nostalgic and often kitsch imagery, Emilie is interested in the emotional connections and memories that people attach to objects and places, inviting the viewer to place their own subjective views on to the painting. Through ambiguity as well as combining different types of representation, she aims to create a transitional space where a dialogue is created between the painting and the viewer. The paintings use variations of visual language with reference to photography and digital art, creating a level of ambiguity that questions what is real and what is artificial. In a layered, fragmentary approach to making, Emilie combines different ways of painting to expose the materiality of the other. Photorealism sits next to a painterly brush mark and texture is used to create a trompe l’oeil effect. Illusions remind the viewer of the materiality of the painting, that even the photographic elements are still just paint, whilst the objects based in reality of which the spectator can relate to, brings the focus back on to the subject. As a result, neither the subject-matter nor the surface-matter is privileged over the other; the painting oscillates between the two.


Emilie Fitzgerald