I am an art student currently studying at City and Guilds of London Art school. My work explores memory and human experience through a material approach to painting. I am interested in the emotional connections that people form with places and objects, from studying my own childhood home to research trips to sites in the English countryside which often have characteristics that could be associated with the sublime; high cliffs, open water, mountainous landscapes. Exploring these places, I take photographs and discover objects that are often rusted, weathered, dead or dried which I then take back to the studio. I am interested in the way that these things present their own history and show the effects of time. A large part of my fascination with landscapes and the objects I find is the atmosphere of those places and my experience visiting them. In working mostly from my memory, the paintings often reflect the unreliability of the human memory through distortion and exaggeration. I aim to create a liminal space where the representation of my memories are ambiguous enough to allow the viewer to build their own narrative, influenced by their own life experiences.


Emilie Fitzgerald