‘Did you create that, or did you find it?’

Works – 2019


I am interested in the emotional connections and memories that people attach to objects and places. Through ambiguity as well as combining different types of representation, I aim to create a transitional space where a dialogue is created between the painting and the viewer. My paintings use variations of visual language with reference to photography and digital art, creating a level of ambiguity that questions what is real and what is artificial, relying on the viewers own visual experience of the work. The combination of cliché objects painted in a realistic way alongside the visual indeterminacy of where they are situated, creates a liminal space in which different interpretations of what is being represented can be made.


Beyond Imitation

I often take photographs and discover objects that are rusted, weathered, dead or dried which I then take back to the studio. I found that representing objects I had collected didn’t hold as much interest as the original thing or landscape they came from. My research has involved looking at the history of the sublime in art; at different artists’ approaches to that which cannot be represented or replicated. By researching a wide variety of material processes I have been able to produce works that evoke ideas relating to beauty, decay, construction, deconstruction, seduction and repulsion.